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Fall Happiness – Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer (Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Vegan)

Last week I went to lunch with my aunt and while on my way back to the office I stopped at the local Starbucks for a little treat.  As soon as I walked in I saw that the Pumpkin Spice … Continue reading

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Chocolate Banana Smoothie

It has been a rough week around here.  Too much to do, too many people needing a part of me.  When I get stressed, I crave chocolate.  Chocolate is not a good choice when eating paleo, so what am I … Continue reading

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My Morning Sundae Smoothie

In my search for a different breakfast option, I fell back on my old standby–the smoothie.  In the past, I would make these with milk, whey protein powder and some fruit.  With my new eating challenge, two of the three … Continue reading

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Paleo Challenge Week One Results

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest   I survived one week!  It was interesting.  Yeah, that’s what I’ll go with, interesting. The Physical: The only physical changes I really noticed were ones I would rather not discuss.  To put it … Continue reading

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An Eating Challenge

I have been thinking a lot about food and eating and what works for me.  I know I should drop some weight, not to be thin but to be healthy.  Even more important, I need to adjust my habits toward food.  … Continue reading

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