40 by 40

There are things I want to do, learn, see, and complete before I reach 40 next August.  I don’t know if I will be able to do it all but it will be fun to try.

To Do:

1.      Hot Air Balloon Ride

2.      Get a Chemical Peel

3.      Fly a Kite

4.      Eat at an Ethiopian resturant

5.      Have a mud bath or mineral bath

6.      Ziplining

7.      Eat from a food truck

8.      Buy a bright colored winter coat

9.      Restart my Blog   (Hello! I’m back.)

10.  Digitize Sarah’s baby pictures

11.  Make sushi from scratch

12.  Go tubing on a local river

13.  Have a full spa day

14.  Attend a cooking class

15.  Have a professional bra fitting and buy an awesome fitting bra

16.  Watch two movies in a row at the theater

 To Learn:

17.  Knitting/Crochet

18.  Belly Dancing

19.  Pinhole Photography

20.  Photoshop

 To See:

21.  A Burlesque Show

22.  A drive in movie with my family

23.  The Continental Divide

24.  A parade in downtown STL

25.  A college/professional hockey game

 To Complete:

26.  Complete physical exam, including the girlie bits

27.  Red Belt in Taekwon Do

28.  Quilt for Vivian

29.  Quilt for Lilly

30.  Quilt for Sarah

31.  One Pull-Up

32.  Swim One Mile

33.  12 week StongLifts program

34.  Re-read Harry Potter series

35.  Publish baby book for Sarah

36.  Publish baby book for Lilly

37.  Publish baby book for Vivie

38.  DIY a cake stand

39.  A 30 Day Paleo Challenge


40.  Reserved for the thing I always wanted to do but didn’t know it until the opportunity arose!

If anyone wants to join in on the fun or knows how to help me complete one or more items, let me know.


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