Food Fail?

I have a tendency to be an intuitive cook.  You know the type, briefly look at a recipe and then adjust or tweak to fit personal preferences.  This usually involves taking a recipe and using different spices or substituting out the flour.  My intuition is usually spot on, and the recipe tastes fantastic.

I’m not sure what happened to me this morning, but I decided to change a pancake recipe I found on Mark’s Daily Apple.  I had leftover pumpkin from making my Pumpkin Spice Creamer, and thought it would be perfectly fine to substitute the pumpkin for the banana.

I mixed everything together: the pumpkin, an egg, the almond butter.  It looked a bit like baby poo, but I thought it would firm up while cooking.  I tried frying the pancake in ghee, in coconut oil and with cooking spray.  Every time it ended up looking like scrambled pumpkin, not attractive.

I was left with a plate of pumpkin bits and a feeling of failure.  My intuitive approach to cooking had failed me.  Then, I took a bite.  It tasted like miniature pillows of pumpkin pie filling, absolutely heavenly.  Maybe it wasn’t a failure, just not photo worthy.

Are you an intuitive cook?  How successful are you with it?

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2 Responses to Food Fail?

  1. lartdejournalier says:

    I may know why that was a congealing fail for you. In my vegan baking recipes, mashed banana and applesauce are the two substitutes for eggs. The texture of the pumpkin doesn’t have the congealing properties of eggs/applesauce/mashed banana. But, I’m with you, I sure do love pumpkin and try to substitute it wherever I can!

    Let’s call it a pumpkin pillow success! 😉

  2. angela says:

    Yeah, pumpkin doesn’t fluff well. But it’s worth sacrificing pretty for good flavor, eh?

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