Friday Daydreamin’: Lake Tahoe

Today I am daydreamin’ about Lake Tahoe.  I went there in October 2008 with my husband.  It was an anniversary/babymoon trip; I was five months pregnant with our third child.  We needed the opportunity to check out of parental responsibilities and reconnect as a couple.

Lake Tahoe is a breathtaking place.  You drive through the desert from Reno parallel to some dusty foothills.  Slowly you start climbing the foothills and over the course of 15 minutes it goes from desolate and abandoned to vibrant, lush and abundant.  Coming over the top of the mountain and seeing the sparkling, almost neon blue lake is a sight I will never forget.

We spent 4 days hiking a lot (staying below 10,000 feet due to my pregnancy), eating good food, taking pictures (I received my Nikon as an anniversary present) and just being together.  It was good for the soul and good for our marriage.We are planning our next vacation together for October of this year.  We need to get away ever so often and just be together.

Do you have a favorite vacation picture? Link up with Becca at R We There Yet Mom and tell us all about it!

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One Response to Friday Daydreamin’: Lake Tahoe

  1. I LOVE Lake Tahoe – I could totally picture it as you were describing it! SOunds like a fun time before the baby came!

    Thanks for linking up today!!


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