Paleo Challenge Week One Results

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest


I survived one week!  It was interesting.  Yeah, that’s what I’ll go with, interesting.

The Physical:

The only physical changes I really noticed were ones I would rather not discuss.  To put it delicately, the issues that arise (or bottom out) when eating dairy and grain did not happen!  Always a good thing in my book.

The Mental:

I felt fantastic the first two days, but was in a serious mental fog days 3-5.  Almost everything I read said to anticipate this, so it wasn’t a surprise.  By the end of the week, I was feeling more like myself, for better or worse.  I did notice that the 3pm lethargic feeling did not hit.

What Went Well:

My family always has a menu plan and this helped me out.  I was able to plan out my meals and know that I had the right stuff in the house.

What To Work On:

I can’t give up artificial sweetener in my coffee.  I can substitute coconut milk for cream, but I must have something sweet in my coffee.  Also, I need to find something for breakfast other than scrambled eggs.

The Numbers:

Weight = -2.9lbs; Body Fat % = -.7%

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One Response to Paleo Challenge Week One Results

  1. lartdejournalier says:

    Because it’s always fun to get comments ON the blog page too. 😉

    With my own eating/dieting/whatever you want to call it 30 day challenges, the first 5 days were always good, then several days of no energy/couldn’t think straight until I figured out a workable system. Good luck!! I’m cheering for you! FWIW

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